Children, Outrage and Self-Righteousness

Yes it is good to see the negative reaction to the separation of children from their parents by U.S. Immigration officials.

I too hope it is stopped.

And as an anti-trump person I’m glad that this issue seems to be blowing up in his face.

However, as a Canadian, I implore my fellow Canadians to not take a sense of superiority or self-righteousness with this issue.

The system of Canada’s residential schools ripped Indigenous children from their parents and culture. Residential schools were designed to kill the Indian in the child. The mortality rate – the MORTALITY rate – at these schools is shocking. In so many cases they killed the child.

I’m not suggesting we be bound by a guilt which traps us in self-flagellation. Rather I’m advocating that we recognize that our country has done far worse, and our response to the situation in the U.S.A. ought to come from a place of humility, wisdom and compassion, rather than self-righteousness.

Peace and Love,


1 thought on “Children, Outrage and Self-Righteousness

  1. So true! I have talked to survivors of the residential school system and heard and seen how it affected them. It was a horrible thing! I agree we shouldn’t be pointing fingers.

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