A Prayer Request … for me and my Mom and Dad

My Mom is suffering, because of her age and an illness. My Dad who is caring for her is also suffering.

Pretty much everyone who reads my blog knows me, so I’m hoping perhaps you will say a  prayer for me, and if you know them, my Mom & Dad.

Here’s my prayer for them, learned in one of my mindfulness classes:

May you be at ease
May you be free from harm, physical pain and suffering
May you be happy.

(You can use it if you can’t find your own words right now. It helps to first visualize the person you are praying about).




3 thoughts on “A Prayer Request … for me and my Mom and Dad

  1. You, and your mom and dad are in my thoughts Jim at this difficult time.

    Many good memories for me of your parents; I feel for them as their aging bodies are taking a toll on them.

    My dad is struggling a bit with some mucus in his lung; unknown at this point why; results in a nagging cough that doesn’t go away. More tests needed.



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