My Grandmother’s Gift

With a shout out to Scrooge and Charles Dickens … Humbug! That was my grandmother’s gift to me, well sort of. I’ll get to that. In this case, though, “humbug” refers to the candies she used to give us.

In particular, she used to give us humbugs when we were at Church. Sometimes to quiet us down, and sometimes when she went to have communion. Of course, at the time I didn’t know what communion was – something for adults she explained. We stayed in our seats – pews – and enjoyed our candy.

Those few times I went to Church with Grandma, we went to her Anglican Church in Ottawa. (My parents took me to the United Church. First Chalmers in Kingston, then a United Church whose name I forget in Beaconsfield, and then St. Stephen’s in Mississauga.) Somehow at a very visceral level, the experience of going to Church with Grandma made a lasting impression on me. As an adult I increasingly found myself drawn to the Anglican Church.

Now I feel quite at home there. I consider myself an Anglican. I’m becoming more involved with the Sunday services. I’m auditing a course at Trinity College: “The Practice of Diaconal Ministry”. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll find myself in the role of Deacon.

Thanks Grandma! Miss you, Love you!



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