The bird bath we received for a wedding present

Birdbaths and Pleasant Moments

The bird bath pictured above was a wedding present to my wife & I some 20 years ago. When spring rolled around this year I set it up outside our picture window. What fun!

Recently there was a queue of birds lining up like cars at a car wash. Of course, nature’s queues don’t move along chronologically. Only two types of birds were involved – blackbirds and robins. The blackbird clearly is higher on the “pecking order” as the bathing blackbird took its sweet time. The waiting robin seemed to be quite impatient, hopping on the birdbath several times, only to be driven off by the bathing blackbird.

When a second robin landed, waiting “in line”, the first robin tried to drive it away, not successfully, but enough impact was made to maintain line position.

Eventually the blackbird left, the first robin took its turn, and then the second robin took its turn.

And I had a good laugh watching all this unfold.


The exercises in this week’s MBSR include a “pleasant moments” journal. This actually happened the day before I got the exercise. I thought I would journal here.



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