101 Things I Don’t Know How To Teach My Son (But Wish I Could) #22 Life of Pi

Dear Son,

I once read a novel called Life of Pi.  The author (through a character) makes the claim that he is about to tell a story that will make you believe in God.

I almost stopped reading at that point because I formed the impression that I was about to read some cheap novel about a fictional miracle.

I did read the novel. I couldn’t have been more mistaken. Much to my amazement the novel did enrich my belief in God. The reason it did so may surprise.

You see, the author’s understanding of God struck me as both so unusual (by mainstream standards) and so beautiful I thought “wow if anyone can imagine God to be like that, then God must really exist”.

Poor reasoning I realize, but it is the power of story at work here, not logic.

I hope you read Life of Pi someday, and of course form your own conclusions.

Love Dad

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