101 Things I Don’t Know How to Teach to My Son (But Wish I Could) #2 Achilles Heel

Dear Son,

You probably know the story of Achilles and his infamous heel better than I do.

You probably know the “moral of the story” too.

But have you internalized it?

None of us are invulnerable. No matter how much of a winner you are, anyone is, vulnerabilities exist.

I think life goes much better when this is accepted. Even if right now you don’t know what your weakness and vulnerabilities are, you can, at least on an intellectual level, accept you have them.

Of course it is the nature of vulnerabilities and weaknesses that when they arise they cause pain. Our natural tendency is to push the pain away. Deny the message.

Try to embrace the pain. Hear the message. I can’t promise the pain goes away, but it will abate. The hardest thing to learn is that it is always there anyway. Pushing it away makes it worse.

Embrace your weaknesses and you become stronger, in ways you don’t yet understand.

Love Dad

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