Tomorrow’s Radio App

TuneIn is a pretty cool radio app. You can find pretty much any radio station to your liking. It is a great product. It is exciting for radio geeks like me.

But TuneIn doesn’t go far enough.

The signpost for the future is the iNetRadio app. Although development for this particular app seems to have ground to a halt, the vision remains.

The idea is that you choose what source you want at different times. A very simple setup would be, for example, a default Spotify music stream (that you have already customized) overlaid with (interrupted by)  an hourly news report from CBC.

More complicated scenarios allow for different programming from different sources, including different internet music and spoken word streams, podcasts, and music you own. If the app gets migrated to a physical device (such as in a car), the potential sources include AM /  FM, satellite and digital radio, as well as the internet sources.


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