The Changing Landscape of AM / FM

When I was a teenager I really wanted to own a Luxman Stereo Receiver. Luxman was top of the line. I don’t think they make receivers anymore, just integrated amplifiers.

In other words, they don’t make the AM / FM radio receiver anymore.

According to RAIN – radio and internet newsletter – Norway is implementing a change from analogue FM (what we have now) to digital FM. Sound quality will be improved, more stations will be available, as will internet like features such as pause and rewind. 7.9 million existing AM/FM analogue radios will be rendered obsolete. Other countries will undoubtedly follow.

AM / FM radios are now routinely sharing space with internet radio in cars. I don’t think I’m breaking any ground by suggesting that this trend will explode.

The two trends I haven’t figured out are (1) how will internet radio make money (subscriptions vs. ads) (2) how will listening habits be changed with so much choice?




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