Do You Still Listen to Old Time Radio?

I’ve always liked Old Time Radio. Shows like The Shadow, Dragnet, The WhiStler … most of the crime and suspense dramas.

Some of the voices are simply spectacular. Peter Lorre especially comes to mind. There’s also Harry Morgan, who you probably know as Colonel Potter, and of course Orson Welles.

Not so long ago, to catch a show you had to be at your radio at broadcast time. No replays, no podcasts, no other on-demand options. CHUM-FM used to have have “Theatre of the Mind” Sunday evenings at 11:00pm. This followed an hour of comedy.

An Ottawa station used to air a half hour of comedy on Fridays and Saturdays at 3:00am. I had a friend there and sometimes we’d stay up to catch the show. Occasionally I wore my headphones, which meant I couldn’t hear how loud I was laughing.

That got embarrassing.


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