Moving III

Is it only in Stouffville that your neighbor buys your house?

The family across the street was selling their home, heard we were putting ours on the market, and ended up buying it.

Funny thing is, that’s how we bought the house 17 years ago. My wife struck up a conversation with a stranger in a park. Turned out they were about to put their house on the market and we ended up buying it.

I had the best sleep last night that I’ve had in weeks. I think I went almost 3 hours without waking up!

So now we just need a place to go to …


1 thought on “Moving III

  1. Our neignbours wanted to buy our house directly as a wedding present to their son and his soon to be wife. To keep them nearby. I distrusted the way this was set up for reasons I won’t go into, so I hired an agent to go regular channels. Very soon we had an offer presented from people out of town. Of course we turned down the first $ number as negotiations normally transpire
    The rep was so upset I thought ‘Lady, you’re in the wrong line of work.’ She was getting unusually emotional “You have to take the offer. This house will be a gift to their grandson when he gets married.” Our own agent wasn’t being of much help here. She bugged us to take the first offer. ???? I guess she had somewhere else to be.

    It was at our kitchen table that these two geniuses discovered their respective clients – parents and grandparents – were unaware they were working against each other to buy this house.


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