Community Radio … the way out of the Funding Enigma

Community Radio, as envisioned and defined by the CRTC, has so much to offer a community, village, or town.

Sustainable funding is elusive. The solution is to find multiple sources of revenue, and in any given year maybe 3 of them will pay off. Here’s an example for a station with an annual budget of $60,000:

(1) 1,000 memberships @ $20 ;
(2) Grants, donations, sponsorships up to $30,000 ;
(3) Advertising $20,000 ;
(4) “radiothon” (think Jerry Lewis!) $20,000 ;
(5) Movers and shakers fundraiser $20,000.

#1 takes years to develop and is monstrously difficult to build. Each of the rest have similar challenges. Of course this is just an example. The numbers can be scaled up or down by the same factor to meet a different annual budget.

The vision of community is so compelling it is worth the undertaking, But it is critical to understand the multiple branches of the revenue stream.


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