House of Cards: Spitting in the face of Christ

(Netflix series House of Cards) President Underwood spits on a statue, on Christ’s face. The President starts to wipe off the spit and the statue falls and breaks apart.

I have given some thought to this very powerful scene; trying to find meaning beyond an artistic coup.

This spitting is the culminating step, the crossing of a point of no return, by a President who has become corrupt, step-by-step one small decision after another throughout his ascent and rein, to the point of being beyond redemption.

This is a scary thought. For anyone. Not just Presidents.

The series also raises an interesting question, one that I don’t think it can satisfactorily answer: Is Christ, and the promise of Christ, hollow, like the statue? Or was Christ broken even for President Underwood, who even though he destroyed himself will still be redeemed?




1 thought on “House of Cards: Spitting in the face of Christ

  1. no, the Christ is not broken. You have to understand Jesus Christ and his relationship to God to properly form the question. Christ was not an ordinary man – of course. I hope you study this more to fully understand. House of Cards is a TV show desperately grasping for what ever symbols of good and evil it can find without fully understanding the underlying relationships in this situation. For me this scene went too far – Of course Frank would end up choosing the devil and spitting in the face of Christ.


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