Council Happenings

Three recent events portend a council that will make waves.

(1) CAO just went on “administrative leave”. The press release didn’t say “we’re hoping for a speedy return of an invaluable employee”.

(2) Library-complex expansion has been put on the back burner, and the burner seems to have been turned off. Whitchurch-Stouffville politics have an interesting rural-urban dynamic (“Whitchurch” vs “Stouffville”).

(3) In a surprise motion, council “blindsided’ the volunteer board by taking control of 19-on-the-Park. Well the $100,000 deficit was a bombshell, although Councillor Upton’s alleged comment that “It’s a shame your fundraising barely covered your phone bil” was a cheap, unnecessary shot. Council has made the mistake of assuming responsibility for a problem they don’t yet understand.


1 thought on “Council Happenings

  1. I read the article of March 4 on York Region news and a related story from April of 2014. No one has left a comment on either story. Complacency or apathy in Stouffville?

    If I recall after these many years, the Red Barn Theatre in Jackson’s Point used to have about $30,000 to possibly $60,000 in shortfalls perennially while I lived there. The municipality would shore them up, looking at the economic impact in total and hearing from local proprietors that saw benefits from the theatre season.

    But the theatre was left to sort out its own organization. Ousting the entire volunteer board sounds a bit impulsive or was this staged to occur at the meeting?


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