My Speech at the All Candidates Meeting – and Thanks @stouffeditor @WhitStoufLibrar for organizing

My name is Jim Priebe, I’m running for Ward 4 Councillor. I’ve lived in Stouffville, Ward 4 for over 16 years with my wife, step-children and son.

I’m running now because I want to make sure we build community as well as build houses as we continue to grow at a very rapid pace, for the next decade and beyond.

There are a number of ways we build community. If elected I’ll be a voice for:

  • Protecting the environment – including the Oak Ridges Moraine even as provincial legislation expires in 2015.
  • Increasing employment, especially by attracting knowledge based businesses and not-for-profit organizations to our municipality.
  • Establishing a transit committee so that our public transit needs are communicated to GO, Viva and YRT.
  • Increasing the library size and bringing per capita funding up to provincial standards

We build community by looking after our seniors, with a proper seniors centre, and by looking after our children who, for example, are walking to school without sidewalks on Glad Park, Elm, and Fairview and are put in an unsafe situation daily. We also will need to incorporate affordable housing, differing abilities and embracing a new, multi-cultural Stouffville.

And all this by keeping property taxes comparatively low, close to their current levels.

Over the years I’ve been very actively involved with the community. I founded WhiStle Radio in my Ward 4 basement – we started out webcasting Spirit hockey games and from there it has grown into the CRTC licensed station that today attracts dozens of volunteers; I’ve organized numerous concerts, including the ArtsCan Circle Benefits, been cub and scout leader, a member of on the Town Environmental Advisory Committee and a Board member of our Recycling Depot.

My community service focus has given me the experience to deal with complex community issues as well as the needed background to manage the town’s $54,000,000 (2014) operating budget, and $25,000,000 capital budget anticipated for 2015.

Visit for more information. Vote Jim Priebe Ward 4 Councillor for results.

Thank you.

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