Jim the Jonah, Here’s Hoping That My Shipmates Don’t Throw Me Overboard!

Like Jonah, I’m starting to worry that my shipmates up here in Canada’s armpit are about to throw me overboard.

Not seriously of course, but I’ll let you decide for yourself.

I’ve already explained my wallet story (see I Work With Very NICE People). Now when we board the bus everyone looks at me and almost in unison ask “Got your wallet Jim?”.

Two weeks later when we were travelling via bus to Edmonton – we being me, my wallet and co-workers – the bus broke down.  Somehow everyone quickly finds out that Jim’s flight leaves at 4:00. It seems I’m not going to make it. Tensions rise.  I’ve clearly become the group project.

Well, wouldn’t you know, one of the guys on the bus has a brother who lives near where we broke down. In the middle of nowhere. The bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere and someone has a brother who lives nearby. This is so preposterous  it is out of the world funny. To make the long story short, I get a ride and get to the airport just minutes after they close the gate. They let me on the plane.

Someone one my team notes that bad things happen in threes. Two bad things have happened to me. What could possibly be next?

Yesterday we’re riding the bus from Nowhere to Edmonton. True to form everyone asks me if I have my wallet. I do.

Someone quietly murmurs aloud that they hope this trip doesn’t prove to be my the third in my string of three bad things.

I gulp. About an hour into it I can tell this bus won’t make it. I can just feel it. I mention this to someone on the bus. She laughs. A bit later … yep … you guessed it … the bus breaks down. The driver is able to do something with a shoelace … the bus crawls at what must be 15 km/h. He sees an industrial garage, the bus gets fixed. I’ve again booked a 4:00 flight. Eyes roll. Maybe I’ll make it. Endless jokes abound how how everyone hopes I don’t get the same ticket agent to check me in. Once again I’ve become the group project.

A co-worker gives me a ride from a critical juncture. I make my flight. Just make it. Just.

Now jokes are starting about moving me to a new team, you know, to ensure no more buses breaking down and such … I mean I hope they’re jokes. I know how Jonah felt.


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