I work with VERY nice people

I work with VERY nice people.

But first let me digress. For the last oh … 15+ years or so my wife has been hitting me over the head with the metaphorical frying pan telling me to speak up IMMEDIATELY when something starts to bother me.

I haven’t really done a good job of learning this lesson.

So very recently we (those of us on my team at work here in Canada’s armpit)  were travelling back to Edmonton via bus. At some point along the way I realized, with great horror, that I had left my wallet behind.

Of course I said nothing. Just starting rummaging through my stuff with increasing panic. Then started tying to figure out what I was going to do. I got nowhere.

My head grew three or four sizes, just reaching the point where it was about to explode and spew blood and brain matter throughout the bus. Finally I blurted out that I had forgotten my wallet. I pretty much knew exactly where it was.

One guy immediately loans me $200 so I have enough cash.

Someone says you need to phone so and so RIGHT NOW and get that wallet in the hands of someone we know. I did and the wallet was collected shortly after.

A third person devises a scheme  to have an airport shuttle bus driver back at camp ask someone who is flying out of the airport there if they’ll ask a passenger to transport my wallet and give it to me in Edmonton in time for my own flight.

The plan worked! A total stranger brought my wallet to me.  WestJet changed my flight waiving the fee and I was able to board as I was now in possession of my identification. In the end the only thing I lost was 6 hours. whoop-dee-do.

Except I also learned, again, that I work with some very nice people.

Holy lost and found Batman!


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